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There are 100 casting machines in the venue of 800 square meters area, which could receive 200 visitors at the same time. DIY Center contains four popular items, such as casting, colorful painting, jumping clay and thermal transfer print. DIY Center has the largest scale, the most complete facilities and the most professional service. We spare every effort to provide relaxing, intellectual educational, elegant and enjoyable experiences for aesthetic education of school, parent-child activity and team activity.


The first pottery bar children’s casting competition in Liling Ceramics Valley is about to start. Hurry to download the entry form and sign up! [click to download]

In October, 2016, the firing time arrangement form of visitors’ work [click to check]

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Pottery bar service items

Pottery shaping (casting, clay lath, ironing board and clay sculpture)

Put prepared clay on the casting machine, and shape the clay into a suitable body. Though dry-trimming and glazing, your work can be produced in kiln of 800 to 1350 degree Celsius. It can bring you the mystery of a combination of water, fire, clay and air. You can create your own unique pottery craft.

Colorful painting on pottery

According to daily necessities or furnishings of people’s matters and spirits, and the need of beauty-appreciation, you can use different ceramic pigments and techniques to draw, fill with color, glaze and fire on the body. It’s a comprehensive art of practical ability, aesthetic taste and creative thinking.

Thermal transfer print on porcelain

You can transfer print various photographs in thermal transfer print block. It is craft decorative. It has high hiding power and strong adhesive force, which suits the standard of green environmental print and has no pollution. It is the best memory recorded your perfect traveling and happy time.

soft pottery clay and jumping clay

Soft pottery clay is plastic man-made synthetic pottery clay. As long as you put your work into oven for a while, your work will become hard and colorful handcraft. Use your amazing imagination, and you can create various vivid handcrafts.

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