Liling Kiln is located in Liling, Hunan. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Liling Kiln was a large-scale ceramic production workshop. In the seventh year of Yong Zheng, Qing Dynasty, it started to fire coarse porcelain and it became a famous kiln in the south of China. Liling Kiln was famous for white porcelain and under-glaze colorful porcelain, as well as blue and white porcelain. From 1907 to 1908, Hunan Ceramics School developed many under-glaze pigments, such as grass green, sea blue, brilliant black, reddish brown and agate red. After long-term research on under-glaze pigments, Liling Kiln created Under-glaze Five Colors Porcelain by three times firing , double hook line and color filling. Under-glaze Five Colors Porcelain is fine and glossy, on which painting is exquisite and unique. There is a vivid five colors painting under glaze. It is healthy and environment friendly because of high temperature firing.

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