Turandot Hotel

Liling Turandot hotel by Hua Ze Group invested to build a home in ceramic arts culture as the theme of the hotel, is scheduled for the end of September 2016 trial operation. Hotel at Hunan Liling ceramics industry garden in the south, is located in the Phoenix Road, Porcelain City Economic Development Zone, adjacent to porcelain export customs Street, good neighbors house champion high-grade community, adjacent to Lu Jiang academy, champion


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E-mail:tulanduojiudian @lilin.com

ADD:A District, Phoenix Road, Liling Economic Development Zone, Hunan

Zip code:412200

0731-23367950 [email protected]

Add: Area A, Phoenix Road, Liling Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province, China.Zip code:412200

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Opening time9:00-21:00

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